ISDC 2015 Toronto

Grant Bonin

Space Innovation Business Summit Speaker: Grant Bonin


Satellite Mission Manager, UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory

Grant Bonin is a manager of satellite missions at the UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory, where he leads the development of high-performance small spacecraft and supporting research and development efforts. He has contributed to more than a dozen spacecraft to date, most recently as manager and lead engineer of the highly successful CanX-4 and CanX-5 dual spacecraft formation flying mission. Grant also assists with business development activities and the design of new mission concepts. Grant holds a Masters of Applied Science from the University of Toronto (Aerospace Science and Engineering) and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Carleton University (Aerospace Engineering).

The mission of SFL ( is to lower the entry barrier to space. Its international customers include governments, commercial and research organizations, many of which could not otherwise afford high-quality space missions at conventional costs. SFL’s tailored application of the microspace philosophy—which emphasizes sound engineering practices and modern, commercial technologies to design, build and test advanced small spacecraft—has enabled a number of low-cost yet high-value satellites. Established 16 years ago, SFL continues to challenge conventional practices and push the state-of-the-art in space technology performance, yet without introducing substantial risk to its customers. In this talk, an overview of activities at the Space Flight Laboratory will be presented, and a summary of SFL’s innovative approach to undertaking low-cost yet high-value satellite missions will be discussed.