ISDC 2015 Toronto

Asier Ania

Space Innovation Business Summit Speaker: Asier Ania


Co-Founder, HiveWire

Asier Ania is the co-founder of HiveWire Inc. HiveWire builds crowdfunding platforms, conducts advanced data analytics on the crowdfunding industry, and consults on crowdfunding via workshops and client engagements. HiveWire has built crowdfunding platforms such as the Catalyst platform for the Centre for Social Innovation and Fund What You Can ( for the Toronto Fringe Festival. Our data analytics program currently has a database of nearly 500,000 crowdfunding campaigns, which are used to understand the industry from an empirical perspective and allows us to extract insights for our projects and clients. We have helped raise over $700k for our clients through crowdfunding.

As an NCFA Ambassador, Asier publicly advocates for the wider adoption of crowdfunding within the Canadian context. He holds a Masters in Applied Science degree and previously worked with the Canadian Space Agency designing and executing Mars aerial prototypes. Subsequently working for MDA Space Missions he supported the space station operations program including training astronauts on robotics systems.  He also completed a European Master in Renewable Energy degree and is developing a global platform for investment into renewable energy (