ISDC 2015 Toronto

Scott Larson

Space Innovation Business Summit Speaker: Scott Larson

CEO, UtherCast (

As CEO of UrtheCast, Scott works with a talented team of engineers, developers, and professionals to provide the world with its first  interactive Earth Observation platform. With full-color imagery and Ultra HD video streamed to the web from the International Space Station, UrtheCast aims to democratize a very powerful perspective on the planet.

Being the largest commercial investment aboard the ISS, UrtheCast’s plan is as ambitious as it is important: to offer its Earth Observation platform for free to anyone with an internet connection. The platform will serve as a valuable tool for educators, developers, advertisers and media outlets alike — the possibilities for UrtheCast’s data are virtually limitless.Prior to starting UrtheCast, Scott’s career in finance remained heavily focused on technology and entrepreneurship, starting with helping to launch one of the original financial portals, which launched in 1995. Since then, he’s directly advised over 75 companies on their corporate finance strategies, assisting them through the capital raising process.