International Space Development Conference

John C. Mankins

Featured Speaker: John C. Mankins

John Mankins

Founder and CEO of SolarThermoChemical LLC, President of Artemis Innovation Management Systems LLC, and CTO of Deep Space Industries, Inc.

Mankins worked for 25 years at NASA Headquarters and JPL. Before leaving NASA, Mankins managed Exploration Systems Research and Technology within the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate with responsibility for an $850M annual budget. He has been recognized as the leading expert in the field of space solar power (SSP), managing NASA’s programs in this area from 1995-2003. Mankins co-chaired the International Academy of Astronautics study of SSP (2008-2011) and was Principal Investigator of a NASA-supported investigation of a novel Solar Power Satellite (SPS) concept that he invented: SPS-ALPHA (SPS by means of Arbitrarily Large Phased Array)