International Space Development Conference

Paul Wieland

Featured Speaker: Paul Wieland

Author of Crossing the Threshold: Advancing into Space to Benefit the Earth

Paul Wieland is a professional engineer who spent his 20-plus year career with NASA at the Marshall Space Flight Center, primarily involved with developing the life support system for the International Space Station. He later wrote Crossing the Threshold: Advancing into Space to Benefit the Earth, an award-winning book – in 2011 it was awarded a gold medal for science by the Independent Publisher Book Awards – that was described as “a fresh and valuable perspective” on our advance into space, by Norm Augustine (NSS board member and chairman of the Augustine Commission to assess the United States human space flight plans). In Crossing the Threshold Paul shows how utilizing space to address our challenges on Earth can help focus our efforts as we develop the means for settlement and exploration of deep space. He also discusses his personal experiences at NASA giving the reader a behind-the-scenes look at how we accomplish our goals in space. Written for a general audience, according to Homer HickamCrossing the Threshold is an “insightful narrative that should interest anyone and everyone who cares about the future of spaceflight.” For more information see and like the facebook page: Crossing the Threshold.